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Welcome to the MP3 Public Domain recordings site.

What is available here are huge music collections available for purchase on 8 GB USB flash drives, or smaller selections on CD rom. These are from public domain stereo audio tapes that were made prior to 1972 and distributed in the United States. Further, the music compositions are also public domain. Thus there is no royalty or fees for use, and no broadcast or internet streaming license and reporting requirements either.


These are the collections

Deutsche Grammaphone (and Archive) albums, including Astrostereo and Continental Airlines tapes.

AstroStereo 3 hour programs from 1965 - 1971. These are mostly voiced announced so it is like a radio program format. we also can provide progams on CD-R which can be played on many automobile radios for those long trips. AstroStereo includes works from a number of major record labels and is a broad sampling of classical music and performers that were recorded in that era. Programmed to be ideal "traveling music".

Keyboard Immortals Play Again in Stereo. This was a radio program of music from Welte player piano rolls in the mid-1960s. Originally sponsored by Sony to promote the recording off-radio with their open-reel tape recorders and mics. The launch was also when FM stereo broadcasting started in many communities, although at the time the classical music stations were mostly on the AM band. Included are the albums released by KBI pre-1972 and similar albums from Welte Legacy. Welte was quite a promoter and many of these 1900 era rolls were mastered by the original composers and other famous pianists of the time.

PastMasters, ancient and honorable recordings in the public domain, organized by theme. A series developed 20 years ago and has been used widely by television and film producers. Also has selections suited for "music on hold" and shopping.

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